Love Is Everything EP

by Lie

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released January 1, 2012

Michael Figueroa, Hoodlm, Rob-E



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Lie San Francisco, California

Born in 1991.
San Francisco is in his heart with LA on his mind.
Lie is an acronym for Love Is Everything.
Love IS a Lie.
Everything that hip-hop has been missing.

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Track Name: I Need Her
Verse 1:
She's beautiful (yes)

She goes to school (Yes)

Whenever I see her I don't know what do

Is she a hoe? (No)

No no... she really got me throwed (Classy)

I don't know her name don't ask me

It could be Erica or Alissa or Courtney she's got model features.

If looks could kill then she must be the reaper

She's the rose... I'm the thorn (Thorn)

I hate her ex (EX) he left her torn.

Ripped and broken in two.

Some other fella came and fixed it for you (Damn)

If I knew her back then I would have done that.

Matter a fact I would've came before the scumbag

And given her the love that she deserved.... it might be too late but I need her...

I need her (Yes)

Moment of silence....


Verse 2:
She took my breathe

I don't need it back. She can stay alive for an extra second.

I have a hand where you can place yours

I have lips that wanna taste yours.

You're unlike anything I've seen.

I wanna wife you up. I can't afford a ring.

From the top of the tallest building baby I will sing.

But when I get back down will that mean anything?

Possibly.... I'm wasting time... Maybe IN time I can make you mine.

Look in her eyes she's the truth.

Angels are real (Real) She's the proof (Proof)

Her smile makes me melt when I see it.

I'm jealous of her shadow because I really wanna be it.

Just to get closer....and hold her... But the truth is I don't really know her.

They say true love is like great wine. In order to enjoy them both they take time....

Then I will give the space that she deserves... I hope I'm not too late because I need her.

I need her (Yes)


Verse 3:
Today I saw your ex boyfriend

He was in the mirror talking to himself again

He's a fool, a crazy one. how did he get you? I'm still stunned

Love like a shotgun blast

Let's move into the future never trippin' off the past

You are the perfection that my life has never had

I've never been sprung I've never it this bad

I've got a love jones she has no idea

Love is blind, I can still see her.

I asked her out she said no she said I gotta get my head checked though (Head checked though)

I don't know (I don't know)

I just can't remember

She says on her team I already was a member.

That I was with her already.... I just had a real problem going steady

My past life; full of doubt

But I doubt that I would wanna live my world without

Someone that I still have feelings for

This heartache I can't ignore....

Yeah you know...

Thinking about you everyday... In every way (Yea)

We started off as best-friends

And through the crazy whirlwind I'm still gonna love you even when the world ends (Damn)

I need her... And she needs me